Development of programs to check default passwords and vulnerability in video surveillance.

  • Support

  • Functionality

  • Speed

  • Author's performance​

About programmes:

  • Author's execution, which means support and update of programs.

  • Work is constantly being done to improve the program code and program functionality.

  • All programs have rich functionality and it can be expanded for you.

  • Possibility of execution of individual orders.

Software update:

  • Fix bugs, minor flaws, jambs of the author or minor innovations - are completely free.

  • Code redesign (Refactoring), implementation of complex functions, correspondence of algorithms are performed for a fee fixed by the author.

  • Programs undergo a full update once a year with the update of all functions, algorithms and libraries.

Program binding:

  • The program is attached to your machine and works only on it.

  • Binding to 2m cars and more than 30% of the program cost.​


What payment methods do you accept?

Qiwi, Yandex.Money, PayPal, Bitcoin

How do I get the pragram

All prorams and updates you get via Telegram

What are the guarantees?

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