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*SWC(H.D.X)Pro:  |More about the program|

For Hikvision, Dahua, XiongMai cameras (default port: 8000,37777,34567)
- Checking cameras for simple and medium passwords + checking for vulnerabilities
- Saving snapshots from camera channels
- Handling of problematic ip's that don't give screenshots/s
- Editing bruteforce dictionaries at runtime
- Multithreading/multiprocessing
- Output wrong login or password IP to file
- Scan with format IP:PORT ( or range (
- Reads DDNS server information and camera serial numbers
- Monitors your connection and pauses the program if you get disconnected
- Monitors blocked accounts on the camera
- Fine tuning for each client
- Change the mode of the program
- Has a link

Platform: (Windows)


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