*SWC(H.D.X)Pro:  |More about the program|

For Hikvision, Dahua, XiongMai cameras (default port: 8000,37777,34567)
- Checking cameras for simple and medium passwords + checking for vulnerabilities
- Saving snapshots from camera channels
- Handling of problematic ip's that don't give screenshots/s
- Editing bruteforce dictionaries at runtime
- Multithreading/multiprocessing
- Output wrong login or password IP to file
- Scan with format IP:PORT ( or range (
- Reads DDNS server information and camera serial numbers
- Monitors your connection and pauses the program if you get disconnected
- Monitors blocked accounts on the camera
- Fine tuning for each client
- Change the mode of the program
- Has a link

Platform: (Windows)



Programs are research in nature. They are addressed to security professionals and those who are going to become them. When writing them used publicly available databases. Neither SWC nor the author are responsible for the use of programs in unlawful acts!